Otterham Giant Sleepover

4th November 2016
The Great Otterham Sleepover!

Children from Year 1 upwards arrived at school at 6:30pm on Friday 4th November. We prepared our beds and then went outside to toast marshmallows, eat stew that was being cooked on the camp fire and to have a run around.

Later on Class 1 had a talent show in the hall (which was also the girl’s bedroom) and watched a movie. It was such an exciting evening that we didn’t get as much sleep as Mrs Humber had hoped!

The next morning we all had a bacon or sausage sandwich and packed our belongings before going home. We are really looking forward to our next sleepover, which will be our Class residential to Penzance and The Isles of Scilly in May for two nights and three days.

By Thomas and Jess