Achievement for All

10th December 2018

Achievement for All


'From the time I was able to spend in your school, and from the detailed information that had been gathered together, both in the Quality Mark form and in Claire’s exemplary file, it is clear that you are having a huge impact on the lives, experiences and life chances of the young people, and their families, in your care. The school is a hive of activity, and one in which the whole community clearly takes pride. The caring ethos which abounds, provides that safe and secure environment in which children are able to learn, be challenged and are encouraged to shine be it academically or socially.


Underpinning all this is the quality and breadth of the curriculum you are providing. It is so creative, rich and exciting and clearly engages the children in their learning. You recognise that not all children may be academically able or clever, but that they may have other artistic, musical or sporting talents that need to be fostered and nurtured. The bright, learning environments in class and communal areas as well as those outdoor, support and celebrate all children’s learning and achievements. For a small school you provide a huge range of extra-curricular and enrichment activities which children and parents alike greatly appreciate. From performing at the Hall for Cornwall dance festival to visiting Newquay airport to see the ‘Bloodhound SSC’ project in action, you are providing opportunities and experiences that the majority of your families and children would have little, if any, chance of enjoying without you. Educational visits, residentials, WOW days and weeks all provide children ‘with a sense of awe, wonder and excitement.’ Throughout you also make sure that the most vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils have access to all these activities and that any potential financial constraints are removed and do not confine participation.


As with so much that has a positive impact on children’s learning, relationships are key to that success. You have created a family atmosphere where each member of the school community, young or old(er) is known and valued. Everywhere we went we were greeted by a warm smile. I would whole heartedly endorse the observation from your inspection visit that, “Your school is a joyful, happy and enjoyable learning community where pupils are consistently well cared for.” The school cares about all aspects of the children’s development, be it academic, social or emotional.


There is so much that you are doing that is having a positive impact on your children and their families. You are inspiring children and their parents to look beyond their immediate surroundings, to broaden their horizons and to have ambition. From what you shared with us, and from what I could see, I hope you agree that by engaging with Achievement for All, and particularly by working with Jeff as your coach, there have been tremendous benefits to you, your staff, your parents and most importantly your children. I believe that you are providing a high quality education for your children and their families and one that you and they should be proud of.'


David Beddard, AfA Deputy Regional Lead