Before & After School Provision (September 2020)

16th July 2020


Dear Parents 

Thank you for completing the short questionnaire recently regarding before and after school provision. We have given careful consideration to the feasibility and affordability of what we can offer whilst keeping within government guidelines. 

Before School Provision 

With the small number of children needing to use this, it would not have been affordable to have three different groups ie staying within bubbles. However, we will be zoning the Hall into three areas (for the three bubbles) and manning the provision with two staff members. It will start at 8.15 am and as previously mentioned, there will be limited food on offer, but children are welcome to bring their own. With present numbers and to cover staffing, the cost will be £2.50 per child, per day payable at the end of every week using the school money site as you did previously. This provision will be constantly under review in terms of quality and affordability. 

After School Provision 

The need for this provision varied from one child needing it to three children needing it on any one afternoon. Therefore, for the first half of the Autumn Term, there will be no after school provision. If, after further consideration you have decided that your child needs to access the before or after school provision (when previously said no), please let us know as this will influence decisions made/affordability of the provision going forward. 

As always, any questions, please do ask. 

Kindest regards 

Helen Ward