Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club takes place every morning (Mon - Fri) from 8.00 am until the start of the school day. The cost to attend the club is £1.50 a day per child or siblings £2.50 per day.

This club is supervised by Mrs Foley, Mrs Arnott, Mrs Culver and Miss Forbes who provide the children with stimulating activities before and after their breakfast.

Children can choose between a range of cereals and porridge, toast with a range of toppings for example, jam, egg, cheese, ham, beans and juice or water for a drink.

At appropriate times of the year staff endeavour to get outside for some fresh air before the start of the school day.

If the school is in receipt of Pupil Premium for your child then this club can be accessed free of charge.

There is no need to book for the club, just turn up and enjoy!