How our curriculum works

The curriculum at Otterham C P School is based on the new National Curriculum published in 2014.  In order to ensure coverage in all subjects of the new curriculum, our planning and teaching is based on the Inspire Curriculum which was devised and produced by Cornwall Learning.

The Inspire Curriculum works on a ‘topic based’ approach.  Each topic lasts for around 4 weeks and sees each curriculum area linked to a common theme.  This means that cross curricular learning opportunities are more frequent and allows for linked learning to happen throughout each day and each week.

Due to the mixed ages that we have in our classes, an adaptation of the Inspire Curriculum has to be made. 

More details of our curriculum can be found at

Because we work with mixed aged classes at our school, the work will be differentiated appropriately for ability groups within each class.

At the beginning of each term teachers place a more detailed account of the forthcoming terms learning on their class page so that parents can support and enrich their child's learning.