June 2018

22nd June 2018

The school council at Otterham primary school have been working extremely hard all year to earn their Bronze PADL (Promoting Active Democracy Loudly) award. 

They have actively listened to student voice and taken on board their ideas and opinions of their peers throughout the year. They have implemented a number of their suggestions, most successful of which was the Outdoor Learning Day. The school council have also raised money for their school and a number of charities including NSPCC and the Children’s hospice South West. All members of the school council had an important part to play, and they have been directly involved with their school and the wider community. 

We were delighted to be invited to Truro County Hall on Friday 22nd June to be presented with our Bronze PADL award. The school council were all very excited, and presented a well-planned presentation to a number of other schools about the work they had done throughout the year.

“I have been incredibly proud of everyone in the pupil forum,” says Miss Goodman (school council leader). “They have all grown in confidence and it has been a joy to watch them grow as individuals.” 

The school council are now working towards obtaining their Silver PADL award.