The agreed syllabus is a statutory document for Cornwall LA community, trust, foundation and controlled schools.  It can be adopted by aided schools, academies and free schools with the consent of their governing bodies or board of directors to support the delivery of the syllabus.

Agreed syllabus implementation booklet sets out how the syllabus may be implemented, but it is for schools to implement the syllabus ,as they decide, as long as they are meeting the statutory requirement.  The booklet should not be used as a definitive guide to how schools must use the syllabus

Implementation booklet with KS1KS2 andKS3 units of work which have been developed by the agreed syllabus writing group since the syllabus was agreed and adopted.  As such they're a valuable resource and now conform to the requirements of the syllabus as agreed and adopted.

During 2013 there were a number of briefings relating to the Curriculum Kerenewek section of the syllabus. The PowerPoint presentations forsecondary and primary schools are available as are the schemes of work forKS1KS2 and KS3.