Emergency Situations 

If there is an emergency and you cannot get to school to collect your children at 3.30 p.m., please ring and let us know so that we can make proper arrangements for the safety of your children.  If you cannot contact us do not worry, your children will not be abandoned, we will make sure they are safe.  If winter weather conditions or threat of such conditions cause you concern please do come to school and collect your children.  

Should school have to close early we will contact you so that you can collect your children.  We will not send any child home unless we know that someone is able to receive them. 

Information on school closures and re-opening will usually be broadcast on Radio Cornwall.  Finally, in awful weather conditions, it is always best to check that our staff have made it to school.  Do not leave your children unless you know that we are here as we have to drive to work and it is unwise to assume that we have arrived.