Cool Milk

Dear Parent/Guardian

Free milk is available for all children under the age of five in school, funded by the UK government.

In our school, this milk is provided by Cool Milk, the UK’s leading school milk supplier.

We will register your child for their free school milk on your behalf by providing Cool Milk with your child’s name and date of birth.

When your child turns five, you are able to pay a subsidised rate for your child to continue to receive milk. If you wish for your child to continue receiving milk from the age of five, simply register with Cool Milk directly via their website ( or pick up a registration form from the school office. They will then contact you at the appropriate time to arrange pre-payment.

All information handled by Cool Milk is processed in accordance with current Data Protection Legislation. The data will be stored securely on Cool Milk’s UK-based servers and will not be passed to third parties other than to UK Government departments for audit purposes.

Please let me know if you would prefer us not to register your child for free school milk.

Kind regards
Otterham School