Our Staff

Our School Staff

Our Headteacher is Helen Ward
Our Assistant Headteacher is Julie Blackburn
Class 1
Claire Humber teaches in Class 1
Trish Foley, Theresa Forbes aand Alison Osborne are the Class Teaching Assistants
Class 2
Gabby Parker teaches in Class 2
Debbie Routly, Barbara Arnott and Sarah Murray are the Class Teaching Assistants
Class 3
Julie Blackburn and Nichola Kinsella teaches in Class 3
Lynnette May and Becky Culver are the Class Teaching Assistants
Jo Hooper teaches French
Inclusion Coordinator (SEN Coordinator)
Sally Burke
School Cook
Debbie Sharp
School Secretary
Kerry Piper is our School Secretary
Lunchtime Supervisors
Trish Foley
Theresa Forbes
Becky Culver
Debbie Routly
Barbara Arnott
Yvonne Benyon
Grounds Maintenance
Pete Culver