Vision, Mission and Aims

Our Vision, Mission and Aims

Our Vision

Ensuring everyone experiences and enjoys success.

Our Mission

By working together to nurture the talent in our community, and build within every individual an intrinsic sense of self-worth, achievement and belonging.

We aim to achieve this by:

  • Providing a broad, exciting and holistic curriculum, full of opportunity, experience and diversity.
  • Building strong foundations and providing exciting opportunities for development and growth.
  • Taking care of our mental health and that of others. Providing support, encouragement and understanding where they are needed.
  • Striving for equality, celebrating diversity and difference, making each and every individual feel proud of who they are.
  • Seeking out, identifying and celebrating success at every level in every person.
  • Making the world a more accessible place, full of opportunity for all.
  • Ensuring that high expectations and accountability are backed up by effective coaching and support.
  • Fuelling aspiration for ourselves, our community and our future.
  • Encouraging innovation and creative thinking.
  • Providing a stimulating, safe and secure environment in which our community can thrive.
  • Ensuring that available resources are targeted at activities that further the ability of the Trust to achieve its Vision.
  • Looking after our world and our environment for future generation.