School Council

The School Council tries to meet once a fortnight to discuss issues that have been raised by the children in our year groups.  We aim to keep positive and agree ways in which we can help improve our school.  

Our School Council has achieved its BRONZE PADL Award (Promoting Active Democracy Loudly) and so we have a challenge to follow in such busy footsteps!  Members of the School Council are chosen by the children within their classes and so have the big responsibility of representing their peers.  


School councils are an excellent tool for giving pupils a chance to develop their enterprise skills. Being enterprising essentially constitutes three steps:

1: Identifying a problem

2: Designing and carrying out a solution

3: Evaluating your success

Any effective school council will be doing all of these on a regular basis. However, so that meetings do not become a venue for children focussing on problems, children are encouraged to first focus on things that are going well within the school.

School councils are an excellent way to contribute to gaining our social, moral, cultural and spiritual education as well as reflecting on British Values.

Every child does matter and our school council still addresses these aims:

Be Healthy

Stay safe

Enjoy and achieve

Make a positive contribution

Achieve economic well-being