Welcome to Class 3, with children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.  Our teachers are Mrs Blackburn and Mrs Humber.




After studying various Autumnal poems from the book ‘Out and About – A First Book of Poems’ by Shirley Hughes, we were inspired to write some of our own.  

Design Technology 

Class 3 learnt about the 3 main parts of a windmill in DT and could explain their purpose: 

  • The main structure 
  • Turbines 
  • Axle 

The children then constructed their own, based upon their design criteria and client (a mouse!) 


‘Where in the world am I?’ was the focus in Geography this half term. We learnt about where in the United Kingdom we live, what our local area is like and the features of different settlements. We spent a lot of time looking at maps and created our own: a birds eye view of the school and a map of our journey around the local area. On our walk (fieldtrip) around Tresparrett and Marshgate, we found lots of features of a village. 

First Aid Training 

On Friday 3rd November, Joe Rice taught us age appropriate first aid skills, which included checking for danger, ways to gain a response from a patient and find out if they are breathing and what to expect when calling 999 or 112 for an ambulance. Thank you to the Friends of Otterham School for funding this extremely important experience.

Live Music 

We thoroughly enjoyed listening to the very talented, engaging and passionate band ‘Back Chat Brass’ perform in the school hall. Children’s comments after included, “They were awesome!” and “Please can they come again Miss? I loved it!” It was a fantastic opportunity for us to appreciate live music and learn about brass instruments. 



It has been interesting finding out about what our school was like in the past and how it has changed. We have been using lots of sources, including old photographs, books (including a school register and punishment book) and by interviewing our head teacher, a parent and grandparent.